Suomalainen Siperianhusky seura ry. (SHS) is a member of Finnish Kennel Club and the official Siberian husky breed club in Finland. The first Siberian huskies were imported into Finland in 1965 and SHS was founded already in 1967 being the oldest Siberian husky breed club in Nordic countries. SHS's operation area is the whole of Finland but it has also many active local branches.

Siberian husky is an arctic breed and first of all a sleddog. As a breed club SHS's target is to preserve and maintain Siberian husky's arctic sleddog qualities.

SHS tries to reach its targets by providing information about the breed and different sleddog activities, publishing Siperianhusky magazine (four times a year), organizing sleddog trials, races, Siberian husky specialty shows and many other annual events like summer gatherings and training camps. SHS runs also an equipment agency where you can buy mushing gear, Siberian husky related literature (including club's own publication Siperianhusky − rekikoira, ISBN 952-91-5549-2) and other stuff.

Anybody with a genuine interest in the breed and dogsledding is welcomed to join SHS!